CommuniK-9 Testimonials

“Sue Drouin had a huge impact on our daughter’s voice quality! Caroline (age 4) had an extremely deep and raspy voice from the time she started speaking at age one. The voice issues were not identified or diagnosed by our pediatrician or preschool. When we started seeing Sue for some speech issues, she was concerned about Caroline’s voice quality and how unhealthy it sounded. She encouraged us to see a local ENT specialist who said Caroline’s voice was a “medical mystery” and we were ready to accept the diagnosis. Sue let us know that there is typically a reason for poor voice quality and directed us to further specialists in Boston. The second specialist immediately found several problems. Without Sue’s insight and direction, our daughter would have lived with reflux, vocal nodules, and a vocal cyst all undiagnosed. We will always be grateful that she did not give up on finding a medical reason for Caroline’s poor voice quality. Caroline also received speech/voice therapy from Sue for one and a half years. We were thrilled with the therapy both in terms of the process and in terms of results. A great deal of preparation went into all the therapy sessions and the materials were always highly customized. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Sue can be assured they are getting the best!” – Trish and Jason


“My son Andrew is 6 years old and has Down syndrome. Though speech is often difficult for kids with this diagnosis, we see the benefits of Sue’s ST therapy every day. She has worked with Andrew for 3 years and he speaks confidently and is enjoying 1st grade. I see Sue challenge and constantly motivate him. Andrew looks forward to his sessions with Sue, especially when she brings her dog, Lily. That is a highlight in Andrew’s day. Sue is a great advocate for Andrew’s therapy and education in our school system. She attends meetings with Andrew’s education Team and provides much needed information and recommendations. Her knowledge and experience are truly impressive and greatly beneficial.” – Barbara



“Kathryn now 18 years of age, diagnosis Autism My daughter Kathryn has worked with many SLP’s in her life but none as loving, dedicated, and hard working as Sue Drouin. Sue has a natural ability with children and it comes through when she is working with them. Sue truly enjoys her work and the kids love Sue, my daughter considers her “my best friend.” Sue developed an academic based program, especially for Kathryn and worked with her in our home for over 8 years. It was through the work with Sue that I was best able to chart Kathryn’s progress. When it came time for Kathryn’s annual I.E.P. meetings with the school system, Sue was the heart of the meetings. She was always prepared with an updated evaluation of Kathryn and a wealth of information. Through working one on one with Kathryn, Sue was able to know her strengths and weaknesses and helped the school form the best educational plan for my daughter. I would often watch Sue work with Kathryn and was always amazed at how much she was able to accomplish with her. Sue would bring to each session, unique materials, work tailored specifically to Kathryn’s needs and even animals; she made learning fun! Kathryn and I both feel very special to have Sue in our lives. – Judy, Kathryn’s Mom”


My Friend Sue I have a very special friend Who has loved me for quite awhile She arrives with a bag full of treasures Determined to make me smile. Each session brings unexpected treasures, New toys and activities for me to explore. But I know in order to continue She’ll make me sign for “more.” You see, Autism does not yet allow me To say what is on my mind, Having a dedicated friend like Sue Is a one in a million find. We have been together over 10 years now, She encourages me with her therapeutic wit. How lucky for me to have Sue in my life, A friend I know won’t quit. Just when I think, I have seen it all, Lily and Opal arrive at the door All dressed, ready to play and read And hang with me on the floor. The one-thing words will NEVER describe Is the love Sue shares from her heart. The best way to describe my feelings is “I’ve loved her from the start.” For the smiles you always leave on my face and in my heart – Love, Miss Ashley


K the parent of M in New Hampshire says: “Sue has worked with my daughter for about 6 years now and we do not know what we would do without her. Besides providing excellent speech and language therapy, she has an understanding of reading, sensory, and behavioral issues as well. She goes to numerous seminars, updating her knowledge in many areas and is able to help with the whole disability, not just the speech and language component. Her evaluations are done thoroughly, accurately and give others insight to our daughter’s abilities, not her disabilities.” “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Anonymous