One of Sue’s All Time Favorite Communication Apps Has Been Updated!!!


Scene Speak – Good Karma Apps – Exceptional Apps for Exceptional People.
This app was exceptional when it first came out but recently it was updated to include key features making it the best early augmentative communication tool out there. Scene Speak is a visual scene  app. Using a visual scene/screenshot of a room, whole activity or setting, users activate speaking and linking hot spots on the scene to communicate. The context of the scene decreases the cognitive load for the user and prompts more effective, early communication. For more information on Visual Scene Displays for AAC, see  Visual Scenes

Scene Speak is the ONLY app out there that easily lets me add voice to Boardmaker communication boards. Yes! My years of communication boards & visuals now speak! I’m using this app as an augmentative communication app with linking pages, as a talking photo album, to create interactive stories, as a way to share School to Home and Home to School events and activities, to capture students work, to add verbal directions & explanations to images, worksheets, to give directions, as a virtual recipe book and more! Did I mention it’s only $9.99??? GREAT Value; I use this app everyday!
Please take time to view the awesome videos and tutorials. A manual is also available for printing.

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