NEW iPad Educational Accessory


This is an interesting new iPad accessory. It is not yet released and is being sold today for 50% off or $50 until June 22, 2014. The product is interesting because it uses the iPad screen (it reflects) AND manipulatives ( writing tools, letter tiles, puzzle pieces, and your own items). Games are Free from iTunes. I particularly love the Make a Word game because students can touch/move/manipulate letters to create words and they are visible on the iPad screen. I think it will be a great way to help kids focus on the letters because they are “seen” thru the iPad. Kids are not doing enough writing and this tool incorporates interactive writing with whatever tool you choose. Writing on the iPad is not easy and this tool encourages the use of regular pencils, markers, crayons. 
Got a minute, do check out this product and watch the video. I’m sold, I have to have one lol