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From a friend:

My partner and I have been trying to raise awareness about people with disabilities for a school project at Souhegan High School called Power of One. The issue that has led to our Power of One project involves how some people in society often do not understand the capability of people with disabilities. We want to show that people with disabilities are capable of doing fun activities, learning new things, and can be productive members of society. In order to raise awareness we created a video on disability awareness, called Just Like Me. We hope after watching our video you will see that people with disabilities can positively impact society. It is also our hope that when an opportunity arises to support or include someone with disabilities, you do so. So please watch our video to help support our cause, http://youtu.be/-N0Wr5dGZum   If you would like to comment on or rate the video please do so.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our video. We would appreciate if you would forward this email to people you know to raise awareness.

The Creators of Just Like Me

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