iLearn Training Concord, NH 01/08/14


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iLearn Concord, NH 01/08/14 This will be available until 01/15/14

Suggested Free Apps Downloads for K-2nd

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  1. **White Christmas
  2. Pic Collage
  3. *Evernote
  4. *Skitch
  5. *Dropbox
  6. Doodle Buddy
  7. *Educreations
  8. Photocard Lite
  9. Little Story Creator  
  10. Site Words Log in fact which are will or will or yeah are you are or are you only are you a
  11. BitsBoard Free version
  12. Sentence Maker Free
  13. Kids Learning My First Numbers
  14. I Like Snow
  15. Know Watch Learn
  16. PBS Kids Video