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To use sites that require Flash player, use the Rover app as your web browser!! Ten Good (FREE) Educational Websites for Kids – Smart Apps For…(Read More)

Mom’s reply


Nicely said MomA Bully Called This Mom’s Son Ugly. You Have To Read The Mom’s Reply. Priceless.sftimes.coBeware of what you say…(Read More)

Happy New YearI shared this form below today with a family who is looking for an appropriate school program for their student. It’s a great form and thought I should share it here.I have also developed my own 4 page form that looks at curriculum, staff, specials, modifications and more. Email me at…(Read More)

Smart Games toys


Smart Games Loving these toys Check out Day and Night, Trucky3, Smart Car and Castle LogicAll address visual, spatial, color and shape matching skills. Whether your child needs to copy the answer from the guide provided or solve it on her own, much can be learned.Be on the look out here for a followup…(Read More)

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