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Special Ed Retires


RETIRED or just tired, I’m not so sure but Special Ed, a 6 year Pet Partners will no longer be doing visits. His awesome size makes it hard for the kids and elderly to handle him. Much love to this Special boy…(Read More)

The Dog Will See You NowThe growth of animal-assisted therapy means that man’s best friend may soon be man’s best medicineRead more: Animal-Assisted Therapy Brings Dogs Into Treatment | Time Magazine Article…(Read More)

Pet Partners


Congratulations to Lily, Suprise and Truffle for passing their Pet Partners tests today!!! Lily has passed it now 5 times, Surprise 3 times and Truffle twice! Thank you Evaluators from New England Pet Partners in Pelham, NH — with Sue Drouin and Dog Gone Visiting @ &nbsp…(Read More)

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