Abilipad Update is Super


Awesome writing tool, worth the $
Abilipad 4.0 is now available on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abilipad/id435865000?mt=8)!

In the Notepad, you will notice the following changes:
– an advanced word prediction system that makes writing faster and easier for slow typists and poor spellers through word completion, next-word prediction and a flexible spelling feature which suggests words based on phonetic errors;
– a CAPS LOCK key;
– an integrated iOS dictionary.

In the Keyboard Editor, you will find:
– a complete overhaul of the user-interface that makes creating keyboards far more intuitive and user-friendly so that you can make keyboards in a matter of minutes;
– an extensive searchable picture library with over 150.000 images;
– a “color-wheel” color selector to find the perfect complimenting text, key and grid colors;
– an iOS keyboard to enter text and emoticons.

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