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To use sites that require Flash player, use the Rover app as your web browser!! Ten Good (FREE) Educational Websites for Kids – Smart Apps For…(Read More)

Mom’s reply


Nicely said MomA Bully Called This Mom’s Son Ugly. You Have To Read The Mom’s Reply. Priceless.sftimes.coBeware of what you say…(Read More)

Get it done to dayWith warmer weather comes more wandering incidents. NAA’s Big Red Safety Toolkit is an online booklet full of #autism wandering prevention tips and tools.Please share to make others aware!►…(Read More)

Awesome writing tool, worth the $Abilipad 4.0 is now available on iTunes (!In the Notepad, you will notice the following changes:- an advanced word prediction system that makes writing faster and easier for slow typists and poor spellers through word completion, next-word…(Read More)

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