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Pictello How to video


New AssistiveWare video for an Introduction to Pictello Speech-Language Pathology SharingGreat app with many applications for students of all levels. The link is a How to video introduction about programming and use…(Read More)

The iPad/iPod technology is continuing to grow and become a part of our kid’s daily life. Many families have purchased an iPad and many classrooms have at least one iPad if not more for their students. The app market continues to grow. To date, there are over 425,000 apps! I have continued…(Read More)

Look Under FREE INFORMATION. Three great references1. Activity Guides for Communicators (4 handouts)2. Communicators Comparison Chart and3. Switch Comparison Chart Click here to read these resources Enabling Devices – Assistive Technology – Products for People with Disabilities…(Read More)

Click here to sign-up for Sue’s iDevice for Special Learner’s Workshop on 9/30/11EventKeeper at Seacoast Professional Development Center – Plymouth Rocket Web Calendar Solution…(Read More)