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This link is back! Bookmark it now, it is the best way to search for quality educational apps in the Apps store, many great for special education Special Section of iTunes. Special Education is not listed as a catgory in the Apps store but this link connects to the apps nicely organized by need such…(Read More)

Clcik here to read about Word Wizard, Sue’s Favorite app for building words. Several feature that allow you to address letters, phonics, lower and upper case letter in a magnetic bd like format that sounds out the words as letters are added, able to block out profanity lol…(Read More)

Click here to read How to Start the School Year Off Right. has 328 easy to read Handouts on all topics related to special education, learning, diagnoses and education, all for FREE…(Read More)

Printable keyboard


Click here to download a colored keyboard.Keep this in your child’s work area to reinforce letters location on the keyboard. Use it to “type” out simple words, copy/type out labels of food packaging etc…(Read More)